Sathaporn Marketing Co., Ltd. has released various steps in response to the problem of dust in the air smaller than 2.5 microns or PM 2.5 above the standard value. To cope with PM 2.5 dust that does not exceed the World Health Organization’s standard limit 30 microns. Byensuring that machinery that may create dust does not exceed the limit that the law demands on a more frequent basis. Including spraying water to wash the concrete, which serves as the delivery yard, to decrease dust. There is also a push encouraging staff to decrease air pollution by limiting diesel car use and turning off the engine while parking, among other things. As a result, it turns out that the company’s office and factory have PM 2.5 values that are less than 30 at all times. The water that was used to spray the floor. Some of it will return to the water treatment system to be used to irrigate the plants again.

In addition, the company has taken steps to alleviate the effects of the dust problem. Employees in risk groups or those who are affected, such as pregnant women, people with congenital respiratory disease, or those who have children who are still minors, may be exposed to this during their commute to work or in a location other than the company get preventative training and look for yourself and your family. The company has prioritized and is concerned about employee welfare and health, as well as public environmental issues. As a result, strict and consistent procedures are implemented, and the situation is monitored on a daily basis. Until the dust outside the company and the factory has cleared, we will continue to operate normally.

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