We are committed to producing quality products in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 standard to satisfy various need and demands of the customers. Our quality products are ranging from personal care products to pet care products produced form advance production process with intensive quality control taken care by our research and development department. This has enabled us to achieve standard certification from Food and Drug Administration of Thailand (Thai FDA) and Thai Industrial Standards Institutes (TISI). Thus our customers will receive the most satisfaction of using our products that have been proved for their efficiency, quality and safety.


“KAYARI” mosquito coils effective formula is produced from natural ingredients and useful herbs such as Citronella, Eucalyptus and Turmeric which can not only repel the mosquitoes effectively and also making distinctive nice aroma unlike other mosquito coils.

Our “KAYARI” mosquito coils are produced with care in the customers’ health so we have developed special formulation by which 99% of the ingredients come from natural material and natural herbs making our mosquito coils different from other brands in the market.

Furthermore, our products have been certified by Food and Drug Administration of Thailand (Thai FDA) and Thai Industrial Standards Institutes (TISI). We also obtained ISO9001:2000 standard for quality management. We distribute our products throughout Thailand and export our products to overseas markets such as USA, Norway, Japan, Cambodia, Laos and many countries in Africa. For further information please visit


“BUXAWAY” mosquito repellent coil has extra mild scent and low smoke which is suitable for dogs and everyone in your family. “BUXAWAY” mosquito repellent is produced from special natural wood which has unique characteristic of repelling the mosquito but particularly gentle to the dogs that have 7 -10 times better nasal sensibility than of human. For further information please visit


"STARPETT SILVER NANO " with the latest Silver Nano Technology that helps terminate bacteria, the cause of bad odor, and prevent collection of fungus and bacteria causing many skin problems. Natural skin nourishment derived from avocado extract will help condition, soften and healthy skin. Pro Vitamin B5 will be absorbed to hair cortex and revitalize dried skin damaged from water bath to become silky, soft and manageable with fresh and nice scent. It is very convenient for daily use both before and after normal bath making clean and healthy hair and skin from inside. For further information please visit