About Us

  • Sathaporn Marketing Co., Ltd. officially started operation since August 1990 with registered capital 11 million Bath. The head office and production facility is situated at 59/2 Moo 1, Rama 2 Road, Kokkrabue, Muang, Samutsakorn for producing and distributing insect repellent products for household and pet care products under registered trade mark “ “KAYARI”,KAVARI”, “KIRA”, “BUXAWAY” and “STARPETT”


We are the leadership of Insect repellents business in households and innovation products for the better lives and living of our consumers, for all demestic and international.


  • Developing and providing products those fulfills the consumers 'need
  • Expanding the target marketing and following products which earn extra profit for the business
  • Controlling and decrease efficiency castings.
  • Satisfaction and profits to the shareholders.
  • Developing talent and potential of people.
  • Giving morales and Stabilities for people

  • Enchancing the positive image for the organization


We are committed to developing quality products to achieve the industrial’s highest standard by realizing the importance of research and development by which our team of experts who closely control every processes of production.

With long experience of expertise together with modern laboratory equipped with advance instruments and equipments, we can simulate the burning atmosphere to measure effectiveness of insect repellent of various active ingredients by the use of Gas Chromatography. This is to ensure highest safety of our products to the customers and the environment.

At present we have adopted ISO 9001 as the operation platform and have adopted collective statistical data for continuous improvement and development of our products.

R & D Center

We are committed to continuous research and development of our products to achieve the highest level of standard and to be accepted in the global market. Every production processes will be controlled and checked by our professional team of experts. We build up modern laboratory to conduct simulation test and the Gas Chromatography has been used to measure amount of the formulation to ensure maximum safety of our products to the customers and environment.